• Euro 178.89 Available

    Lantick PE-0-16 - 16 inputs voltage /normally open, galvanically insulated Two LAN ports

    Euro 178.89
  • Euro 313.35 Available

    Work Time Recorder - a personalized reader for use in workplaces, kindergartens, nurseries, figlars, gyms, swimming pools, etc.

    Euro 313.35
  • Euro 214.86 Available

    Waterproof, industrial RFID tag reader, equipped with LAN and RS485 interfaces, two relay outputs, two digital inputs, LED event and buzzer.

    Euro 214.86
  • Euro 91.73 Available

    IP thermometer used for reading of the temperature sensor 1-Wire (DS18B20) by web. Supported protocols:  HTTP (GET)  SNMP (TRAP)  MODBUS TCP  TCP (available protocol) Power supply: PoE compatible with IEEE 802 3af

    Euro 91.73
  • Euro 201.57 Available

    Cronos - universal time controller, programming  year-round cycle, built-in astronomical clock, eight relay outputs.

    Euro 201.57
  • Euro 125.53 Available
  • Euro 120.83 Available

    Relay Module LanTick PE-2-2 (Ethernet Relay Controller) enables remote switching of two electrical devices and digital readout of two states (T input) by web.

    Euro 120.83
  • Euro 182.02 Available

    Lantick PE-16-0 - 16 High-Side Power Outputs Two LAN ports

    Euro 182.02