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Reading of RFID transponders by Lan

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Euro 120.83 tax excl.

Data sheet

Height 22mm
Length 50mm
Width 66,3mm
Weight 25g
Communication LAN
Coding Manchester
Standard of supported transponders Manchestar
Carrier frequency 125kHz
Reading distance około 10 cm
Status of outputs / inputs on LEDs TAK
Supported protocols Modbus TCP, HTTP klient, HTTP serwer, SNMP (trap)

More info

Nano RFID is a  miniature module  used to read RFID transponders in the UNIQUE standard. It has been designed for integration with any client software. Communication with the module is done via the LAN.

The code read from the tag is available:

  • by built-in web server, using a standard web browser (preferred browsers are Mozilla Firefox, OPERA, CHROME)
  • over HTTP server mode
  • over HTTP client mode
  • by MODBUS TCP protocol
  • by SNMP protocol

SNMP protocol allows to download the read out tag ID.

The module allows sending TRAP messages after the correct reading of the RFID tag.

The device can operate as a server (select Control only by HTTP GET) or as a client (select Control only by HTTP Client).

Operating in server mode (Control only by HTTP GET):

W tym trybie host zewnętrzny łączy się do modułu i zarządza nim poprzez protokół http.

In this mode, an external host connects to the module and manages it through the http protocol.

The manager host must periodically read the status.xml resource in Nano-RFID module and depending on the state read from xml file call the appropriate functions.

After approaching the tag to the field of reading, in the status.xml resource will be completed the appropriate fields and the module locks the ability to read until calling the releaseid function causing transition module to a state of waiting for next tag approching.

Through appropriate functions the LED indicating reading the card can be light, a beep can be generate, etc. The disadvantage of this method is the need to the cyclic reading of status.xml resource .

Operating in client mode (Control only by HTTP Client):

In this mode, after the correct reading of the RFID tag, module automatically connects to the server and sends the readout data to the appropriate server resource (by HTTP GET).

As the answers can be retrieved information about the state of the LED or buzzer.

The advantage of this mode is that immediately after reading the card, the device itself sends the code to the server or controlling application.

An example might be to record to the mysql database or to the file on server the readout RFID tag the MAC number of the reader and the readout time.

The latest software is available at:

The set consist of

- Nano RFID module

- POE adapter

- patchcord 0.5m

The power supply is not included!

To power the device we recommend: POE Power Supply 12V or Switching Power Supply 12V

User manual Nano RFID