Sensor - WebSensor

58.50 zł

WebSensor, depending on the version, enables the measurement of:

  • temperature - WebSensor T,
  • temperature and humidity - WebSensor HT,
  • temperature and humidity and control of 2 digital inputs.

The sensors can be connected with each other with a flat cable.

Two-core cable
Flat cable
Measurement of / type

The sensor housing has been designed to allow mounting both on the wall and in a 19-inch rack. WebSensor has two RJ12 ports for connecting other sensors to the 1-wire bus.

WebSensor T is a temperature sensor dedicated to devices:

  • Hero
  • Nano Temperature Sensor PoE
  • Nano Temp
  • Depmon
  • OW Explorer

WebSensor HT is a temperature and humidity sensor dedicated to devices:

  • Hero
  • Depmon
  • OW Explorer

WebSensor Combo is a temperature, humidity and digital inputs sensor dedicated to devices:

  • Hero
  • Depmon
  • OW Explorer

The WebSensor is available in three versions. The functionality of each version is presented in the table below:

Web sensor technical data

Depending on the device with which the sensor is to be used, select the connection method to the 1-wire bus:

  • 2-wire cable (Hero, Nano Temp, Nano Temperature Sensor)
  • RJ12 connector (Depmon, OW Explorer)

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