Nano IN

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Nano In is a compact yet powerful device designed for input control in various automation systems. It offers versatile input options and can handle signals from different sensors with precision. Its small size and flexible mounting options make it suitable for installation in confined spaces or on DIN rails. Nano In provides reliable data acquisition and integration capabilities, enhancing the efficiency and functionality of automation systems.


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Nano In is a small module that enables to read the input status remotely via Ethernet. The state of the input is available on the website and through supported communication protocols.

Nano In website

Technical data

Power supply

  • Passive PoE 10V – 24V DC, PoE injector included
  • Power consumption: max 1.5W


  • Number of inputs: 1
  • Type of input: NO, dry contact
  • Maximum counter value: 4 294 967 296
  • Maximum input frequency: 1000Hz


  • LAN port 1x10Mbps, RJ45


  • embedded web server using popular browsers (MOZILLA FIREFOX, OPERA, CHROME),
  • Windows and Linux command line programs,
  • HTTP protocol,
  • Modbus TCP protocol,
  • SNMP protocol,
  • own application, via TCP protocol (shared),
  • MQTT protocol

Nano and Lantick series devices can cooperate with each other without a computer. The modules use M2M connection. An example of such use of Nano IN and Nano OUT modules is shown in the video below.

The set includes:
  • Nano In device
  • Patchcord 0.5m

The power supply is not included!

To power the device we recommend: PoE Power Supply 12V or Switching Power Supply 12V

User manual Nano In

Data sheet

Passive PoE 12-24VDC
Number of inputs
Input type
Pre-polarised (NO)
Communication protocols
Modbus TCP
SNMP v2c
command line program
device with Android system

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