RFID USB Desk Reader

182.40 zł

Desktop RFID transponder reader which enables to work in modes:

  • keyboard emulation,
  • virtual serial port mode.

It has a wide range of code presentation, Prefix and Postfix functions.
Using appropriate transponders, it is also possible to write data on the card.

Supported RFID standard

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Technical data

Supported transponders

  • Unique EM4100, EM4102, 125kHz
  • Mifare Classic® (ISO/IEC 14443-A), Mifare Plus® (UID), Mifare DESFire® (UID), 13,56MHz
  • ICODE® (ISO 15693), 13,56MHz
  • HITAG (HITAG 2), 125kHz


  • USB B port

Operating modes

  • Keyboard emulation
  • Virtual COM port

Formats of read code

  • Binary
  • Hexadecimal - lowercase
  • Hexadecimal - uppercase
  • Hexadecimal - uppercase with the char "-" between bytes
  • Decimal
  • ASCII - data read from the card can be decoded into a string

Additional functions

  • Read Delay (Only new Tag, User defined, No delay)
  • Prefix and Posfix for both keyboard emulation and virtual COM port mode
  • Modifications of the order of bits and the length of the code

The UID code can be modified from the Advanced tab of the configuration program.

Advanced functions RFID USB Desk

User manual RFID USB Desk

Data sheet

Standard of supported transponders
13,56MHz ICODE®
13,56MHz Mifare®
125kHz HITAG
125kHz Unique EM4100 EM4102

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