Nano Temp

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Nano Temp is an advanced device for precise temperature monitoring in various environments. The main purpose of this tool is to transmit current temperature readings via LAN, enabling fast and effective control of thermal conditions in monitored areas. The device allows continuous temperature monitoring via LAN, allowing for real-time analysis of environmental conditions.

Thanks to various communication protocols such as HTTP GET, Modbus TCP, SNMP, and MQTT, users have flexibility in integrating the device with various monitoring and management systems.


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The device enables to read temperature remotely from the 1-Wire bus (DS18B20 sensor) via Ethernet. The temperature can be controlled through the website, network protocols or appropriate software.

Nano Temp website

Technical data

Power supply

  • Passive PoE 10V – 24V DC, PoE injector included
  • Power consumption: max 1.5W


  • Number of inputs: 1
  • Input type: 1-wire bus
  • Sensor type: DS18B20
  • Measured temperature range: from -55°C to 120°C


  • LAN port 1x10Mbps, RJ45


  • embedded web server,
  • Windows and Linux command line programs,
  • HTTP,
  • Modbus TCP,
  • SNMP,
  • own application, via TCP protocol (shared),
  • MQTT
The set includes:
  • Nano Temp device
  • Patchcord 0.5m
  • Temperature sensor DS18B20 (1m)
  • passive PoE adapter

The power supply is not included!

To power the device we recommend: PoE Power Supply 12V or Switching Power Supply 12V

User manual Nano Temp

Data sheet

Passive PoE 12-24VDC
Supported sensors
temperature sensor
Communication protocols
Modbus TCP

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