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DAXI is an advanced device for controlling electrical circuits. It allows for independent control of system components and monitoring of parameters using multiple sensors.

It offers automatic signal response, scheduling of tasks, as well as built-in logical capabilities and Lua language support. Compatible with multiple communication protocols, it integrates with other devices and the cloud.

DAXI can be powered in several ways: via PoE, DC, or 230 VAC. Its compact housing and integrated real-time clock make it an ideal tool for efficient and flexible control of electrical systems.

Power supply 230 VAC

The DAXI device offers advanced solutions for managing electrical circuits, with independent outputs to control various system components. With support for multiple sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity), DAXI not only controls but also monitors system parameters.

Schemat przepływów DAXI

DAXI flow diagram

Key functions

  • Responds automatically to signals from sensors and digital inputs, performing programmed actions such as controlling outputs or sending notifications.
  • Uses the Cron syntax of Linux systems to schedule timed tasks, enabling precise time-based actions.
  • Features Logic and Lua functions to perform complex logic operations without the need for external controllers.
  • Supports popular protocols such as HTTP, MQTT, SNMP and Modbus TCP, providing integration with various devices.

Device overview

  • Sensors: Supports a variety of environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, water flooding, phase loss/power failure, light brightness, air pressure, water pressure, CO/CO₂/NOₓ gases, door opening (reed switch) and others on special request. Thresholds for triggering actions can be customised.
  • Actions: Configurable functions triggered by events such as temperature changes or input fluctuations, including email alerts or HTTP requests.
  • Inputs: Provides digital inputs with pulse counter and noise filter, enabling a variety of functions, such as long-press detection or pulse frequency comparison.
  • Outputs: Provides outputs operating in different modes, such as bistable or timed, with the possibility of assigning them to different sources.

Technical data

DAXI – schemat przepływów

User manual

Data sheet

PoE 802.3af
Screw connector 12-24VDC
Number of sensors supported
Supported sensors
CO/CO₂/ NOₓ sensor
air pressure sensor
brightness sensor
door-opening sensor (reed switch)
flooding sensor
humidity sensor
phase failure/current loss sensor
temperature sensor
water pressure sensor
Number of outputs
Output type
Number of inputs
Input type
Galvanically isolated
Pre-polarised (NO)
Voltage (10-24V)
Wi-Fi optional
Communication protocols
HTTP Client
HTTP Server
Modbus TCP
SNMP v2c
DIN rail

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