LanTick PE-2-2

531.60 zł

Lantick 2-2 is an advanced input/output control module designed for DIN rail mounting, enabling monitoring and management of two inputs and two relay outputs. With support for various communication protocols such as HTTP, Modbus TCP, SNMP, TCP, UDP, KNX/IP, the module seamlessly integrates with different systems.

The built-in web server allows remote management and configuration of the module, facilitating control and adjustment of operating parameters. Additionally, the module enables monitoring of digital inputs and remote control over them.

Power options include Passive PoE 10-24VDC and DC: 12-24VDC.

Input type

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The module can read status of inputs via LAN / WAN.
User can upload its own background image to the www server of the device and overlay input status over it.

Technical data

Power supply

  • Passive PoE 10V – 24V DC
  • DC: 10 V - 24V
  • Power consumption: max 3W


  • LAN – Ethernet 1x10Mbps, RJ45

Communication protocols

  • Modbus TCP
  • KNX/IP
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • SNMP
  • Inveo Dashboard service
  • Embedded web server
  • Control from the Windows command line
  • Control from the Linux console


  • Number of inputs: 2
  • Input type: transoptor
  • Input voltage: 10-24V
  • Maximum counter value: 4 294 967 296
  • Maximum input frequency: 1000Hz


  • Number of outputs: 2
  • Output type: relay, NO
  • Maximum working voltage: 250 VAC
  • Maximum load current per channel: 4A
  • Switching on time: 1ms
  • Switching off time: 5ms
  • Operating modes: bistable, astable, monostable (single release), shutter (roller shutter control)
  • Switch on / off time resolution: 100ms
  • Socket: screw connectors

The device has a 2-level authorization (for Administrator and User).

Below is the main screen view showing the number of the relay, its assigned name, the button changing the state and the indicator showing the current state.

The control panel can be set with user designed background with inputs states overlayed over this background.

User manual - Lantick PE-2-2

Data sheet

Passive PoE 12-24VDC
Screw connector 12-24VDC
Number of outputs
Output type
Number of inputs
Input type
Pre-polarised (NO) or voltage (10-24V) - selectable when ordering
Communication protocols
Modbus TCP
SNMP v2c
command line program
device with Android system
DIN rail

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