Lantick PE-8-0

672.00 zł

Lantick 8-0 is an advanced output control module designed to manage eight relay outputs. Its robust construction ensures device reliability, while its user-friendly interface facilitates configuration and control.

With support for various communication protocols such as HTTP, Modbus TCP, SNMP, TCP, UDP, KNX/IP, the module seamlessly integrates with different building management systems, alarm systems, and monitoring systems. Additionally, the built-in web server enables remote device management and configuration via a web browser, greatly enhancing system supervision.

Power options include Passive PoE 10-24VDC and DC: 12-24VDC.


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An advanced module for controlling electrical circuits over a LAN network, equipped with 8 relay outputs.

Built-in web browser, communication protocols, the ability to visualize outputs and inputs, and the ability to work in the M2M mode guarantee a wide range of applications.

Lantick based control systems are used in industrial automation, building automation, lighting, audio-visual, alarm systems, etc.

Technical data

Power supply

  • Passive PoE 10V – 24V DC
  • DC: 10 V - 24V
  • Power consumption: max 4.2W


  • LAN – Ethernet 1x10Mbps, RJ45
  • RS485 - optional

Communication protocols

  • Modbus TCP
  • KNX/IP
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • SNMP
  • Inveo Dashboard service
  • Embedded web server
  • Control from the Windows command line
  • Control from the Linux console


  • Number of outputs: 8
  • Output type: relay, NO
  • Maximum working voltage: 250 VAC
  • Maximum load current per channel: 2A
  • Switching on time: 1ms
  • Switching off time: 5ms
  • Operating modes: bistable, astable, monostable (single release), shutter (roller shutter control)
  • Switch on / off time resolution: 100ms
  • Socket: screw connectors


  • Dimensions: 104.8 x 90 x 65 mm
  • Ingress protection: IP30
  • Mounted on a DIN rail


  • Power – power supply
  • Link – LAN connected
  • Act – active LAN connection
  • Outputs 1-8 – active relay outputs 1- 8
  • Safe – loss of Modbus RTU communication (option)
  • Remote – connection 1 to 1 or to the Dashboard server
  • DHCP – active DHCP mode
  • Norm – module in standard operation mode
  • Boot – module in Bootloader mode


  • Visualization of input and output states on own graphics
  • Work in M2M mode
  • Input simulation mode
  • Password protection for the administrator and user

Data sheet

Passive PoE 12-24VDC
Screw connector 12-24VDC
Number of outputs
Output type
Communication protocols
Modbus TCP
SNMP v2c
command line program
device with Android system
DIN rail

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