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IQIO Sens is a versatile device enabling comprehensive sensor management and control. Thanks to advanced configuration, users can monitor various parameters and receive notifications in case of specific events.

IQIO Sens provides full control over sensor operation, allowing for notification customization, setting alarm values, and integration with various network services.

It's an ideal solution for those requiring precise monitoring and effective control over their sensor systems.


IQIO Sens is an advanced device for managing and monitoring sensors in various environments. With its features, it allows for the configuration and customization of notifications related to the operation of individual sensors, enabling users to receive real-time information about the system's status. Additionally, IQIO Sens offers a wide range of network services, allowing for effective integration with other systems and adaptation to diverse user needs.

Block diagram IQIO Sens

IQIO PRO flow diagram

Key functions

  • Management and monitoring of sensors: IQIO Sens enables comprehensive management of various sensors, allowing users to monitor their operation, set alarm thresholds, and customize notifications.
  • Configuration and customization of notifications: Users can configure various notifications, such as emails or MQTT messages, depending on the status of the sensors, and specify their type and frequency.
  • Integration with various network services: The device allows integration with various network services, enabling the exchange of data and external notifications, providing greater flexibility and system functionality.
  • Data and time synchronization with SNTP server: IQIO Sens provides data synchronization and accurate time through the SNTP server, which is crucial for precise data analysis, event monitoring, and performing time-based tasks.

Device overview

  • Versatile sensor configuration: IQIO Sens allows for detailed configuration of various sensors, enabling users to customize the device's operation to their needs.
  • Notification management: The device provides flexible notification management, including configuring the type, frequency, and recipients, which is crucial for monitoring the system's status.
  • Integration with network services: IQIO Sens integrates with various network services, enabling data and notification exchange with external systems, thereby enhancing its functionality.
  • Time synchronization with SNTP server: The device ensures accurate time synchronization with an SNTP server, essential for precise data analysis and executing time-based tasks.

Technical data

DAXI – schemat przepływów

User manual

Data sheet

PoE 802.3af
Screw connector 12-24VDC
Number of sensors supported
Supported sensors
CO/CO₂/ NOₓ sensor
air pressure sensor
brightness sensor
door-opening sensor (reed switch)
flooding sensor
humidity sensor
phase failure/current loss sensor
temperature sensor
water pressure sensor
LAN optional
Wi-Fi optional
Communication protocols
HTTP Server

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